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Attention, Attention-Seeking Hackers: GoDaddy is Calling You a Liar

GoDaddy, back up and running (Screengrab)

GoDaddy has issued a statement saying the outage that took down several thousand websites for a good portion of the day on Monday was caused not by any sort of hack or Directed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, but “internal network events that corrupted router data tables.” TechCrunch posted GoDaddy Interim CEO Scott Wagner’s statement about the outage. Mr. Wagner acknowledged the outage and wrote: Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Hacker Claiming Responsibility for GoDaddy Attack: ‘Power to Down a Entire Country’


A Brazilian hacker with the Twitter handle @AnonymousOwn3r has taken credit for a substantial cyber attack against domain host GoDaddy. Millions of web pages hosted by GoDaddy and even domain names simply registered through the service were affected.

As of 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time Monday, the attack was 5 hours old. The New York Times‘s “Bits” blog gives some idea of just how much trouble this epic attack has caused: Read More