Domains to Master

Domain-Jacked! 1and1 Yanked This Nonprofit’s Domain and Blacklisted Them Over for Being Late on a $9 Renewal


is a three year-old barter network based in New York City. A nonprofit run by volunteers, OurGoods has an intensely devoted community of about 1,000 users. So, when the site accidentally let its domain name lapse, cofounder Caroline Woolard got dozens of frantic “What is going on?!”¬†emails on a Saturday night. What happened was the usual: OurGoods neglected to pay $8.99 on time because emails from the registrar 1and1 were going to a spam folder. After the grace period expired, 1and1 shuffled the domain over to its partner, DomCollect, where it will sit until it goes up for public auction. Read More