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Is The Yard, a New Coworking Space In Williamsburg, the General Assembly of Brooklyn?

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Launch party spread.

Others have tried and failed to make a coworking space grow in Williamsburg. (The Makery is dead! Long live, Bnter’s new office!) But “real estate professionals” and born-and-raised Brooklynites  Morris Levy and Richard Beyda may have the home-court advantage. The duo opened The Yard, a 14,000 square foot coworking space, in November and are already at 65 percent capacity.

A number of tech companies, including Hype Machine, Wanderfly, Mobile Roadie and Uber are already working out of the space, as well as a few startups still in splash page mode, like Gander TV and Spotflux. Somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of The Yard‘s residents are techies, although that wasn’t exactly the owners’ intention. “We knew there was a need in Williamsburg/Greenpoint for something like this, but we didn’t realize the tech scene was happening here and that that was the direction it was going to go,” Mr. Levy told Betabeat by phone.

Now that the startup syngery is under way, however, The Yard has been “planning strategic alliances” with angel investors whose portfolio companies might be interested in working there. For example, Mr. Levy said he’s currently in talks with Brooklyn Bridge Ventures founder and First Round Capital alum Charlie O’Donnell, who launched a Kings County-centric seed fund last month. Read More


How Computer Science Solved the Puzzle of the 9/11 Memorial

Sept11 Memorial

One of the more arcane challenges for the foundation creating the 9/11 memorial downtown was how to arrange the names of the more than three thousand victims of the tragedy.

It was complicated enough to fit them all within a taxonomy of their location at the time of the attacks, but grew more complex with hundreds of requests for certain names to be placed adjacent to loved ones.

So the foundation turned to computer science, hoping an algorithm could help them sort the problem. Read More

The Third Degree

Across Time Zones with DrChrono’s Daniel Kivatinos

drchrono team

Drchrono is a dynamic medical company that provides the core electronic health recordplatform, scheduling, patient reminders and billing system that every practice needs,” the site says. In short, the Silicon Valley start-up founded in New York 2 1/1 years ago is building technology for doctors that takes advantage of the mobility and efficiency of the iPad. Founder Daniel Kivatinos answered some questions for Betabeat about the medical industry and the Y Combinator accelerator program. Read More

Tumblr Moguls

Interview with Designer Behind ‘Yo Zuck’ Tumblr

youssef sarhan

Youssef Sarhan thinks about Facebook a lot. For example: “I was at a birthday party this weekend, everyone had a camera and hundreds if not thousands of photos were taken. But where are all these photos? Well, they are dispersed among all my friends profile pages. So I was thinking… What if you could tag a photo, video or entire album to an event so it would appear on the event’s page. This would give folks a go-to place for all things after-party.” Most Facebook users probably have a few complaints or suggestions for the social network, but Mr. Sarhan is addressing his concerns directly to its CEO: “Yo Zuck! Implement this.” Read More