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Urban Compass Hopes to Make Finding an Apartment in New York a Little Less Terrible

Launch day. (Photo: Twitter/Made in NY)

Hands down, the most miserable part of living in New York City is finding an apartment. The first stop for house hunters is Craigslist, but it’s mostly filled with bait-and-switch brokers, deceptive photos (“That’s what you count as a two bedroom?”), and cryptic locales (LOL at “East Williamsburg”) that make you want to give up and move home.

But Urban Compass*, a new startup funded with an $8 million seed round, is hoping to change that. At a press conference earlier this morning at the website’s sun-soaked SoHo offices, founders Ori Allon and Robert Reffkin, along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot, announced Urban Compass is now open to thousands of beta users. Read More


Twitter Acquires Some Serious Search Talent At Julpan

Ori Allon - Image via JTA

Twitter has acquired real-time search startup Julpan. The founder Ori Allon and his dozen or so co-workers will continue to operate out of New York, but will integrate their search product into Twitter.

As MG Siegler notes, back in 2006 Mr. Allon incited a bidding war between Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, all of whom wanted to own the algorithm he had developed for his PhD thesis. Google triumphed and Mr. Allon worked there for several years on search before leaving to start Julpan.

Twitter recently opened a New York office and the purchase of Julpan will give them a solid base of engineering talent in Silicon Alley.  Read More