Legal Matters

22-Year-Old Sued by United Exposed Airline’s ‘Archaic’ Policies, Travel Site Founder Says

Yore Oyster founder Jordan Bishop hopes airlines will be forced to modernize by modern technology. (Getty)

Much to the frustration of anyone in favor of ~disruption~, news emerged this week that United Airlines and Orbitz have sued Aktarer Zaman, a 22-year-old New Yorker whose travel site, Skiplagged, helps people find discount plane tickets.

But like in the case of rideshare apps, whose technology has put pressure on regular ol’ taxicabs to step up their game, some travel industry pros say Skiplagged is performing an important duty: forcing airlines to modernize their old-fashioned policies.   Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Mac Users Are More Easily Persuaded to Part With Their Cash, Orbitz Realizes


Even as we speak, you are leaving digital bread crumbs scattered all over the Internet, there for the taking by marketers. Nor do the details have to be anything particularly consequential to translate into a money-making opportunity.

For example: Orbitz has realized that customers who visit its site from a Mac tend to spend more money on hotels. The company is therefore adjusting its search results accordingly.

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