Social Networking

Opinionaided Is Now Thumb, a Social Network for Opinions


Hooray, now we no longer have to triple check that we spelled Opinionaided right! Today the General Assembly startup—which was born as a mobile Q&A site and already has $5.5M in funding—says it’s rebranding as Thumb and expanding beyond the frothy Q&A space and into a potentially more crowded one: social networks.

To use a couple recent examples, questions on the app range from “Occupy wall street or Tea party? whos going to win in 2012″ to “Hahaha!!?” with an image of a LOLCat. As before, users can weigh in with a thumbs up or down and a comment.

The social network aspect seems largely branding-related, as the newly-named app isn’t yet introducing different features. Betabeat talked to CEO Dan Kurani about Thumb’s surprisingly impressive user engagement, why he calls it a social network, and his favorite thumb joke. Read More