Apples and Androids

Reading Habits Indicate Android Users Are Fun, iPhone Users Are Lifehacking Megalomanics

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In the war between iOS and Android, there are a few things we know: iPhone users are big spenders, live in more affluent neighborhoods and are vastly outnumbered by their Android counterparts. But now, we also intimate knowledge of their reading habits, which shows us more about their personalities than anything we’ve seen so far.

Oyster, the Netflix for books, released a study of their readers this morning, comparing the reading habits of iOS users with the Android users that have signed up since their recent Android release and redesign. Oyster told Betabeat that they pulled from their entire user database for the study. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Anonymous Releases an Operating System for All Your Hacking Pleasures


Hacker collective Anonymous released an Ubuntu-based operating system today with several pre-installed programs. Think of it as a hacker’s toolkit of sorts. Except that the project, which is “not developed by any Genuine Source,” can apparently be “backdoored by any Law enforcement Company or hacker.” So basically since it wasn’t developed by a trusted source, it could have subtle security flaws. However, the Tumblr set up for Anonymous OS claims “it is 100% safe. You can use Anonymous-OS as safe as you can use any Linux [distribution].” Read More