Baby I Can Drive Your Car

Internet Car Will Stream YouTube Vids in Back Seats Next Year

GM CEO Daniel Akerson, improving the American driving experience one cruller at a time. (Photo:

General Motors’ CEO Dan Akerson wants to turn all cars into rolling iPhones capable of automatically scheduling their own oil changes — nevermind the fact that AAA yesterday announced findings that even hands-free devices cause driver distraction.

Mr. Akerson told the totally chill and low-key Chief Executives’ Club of Boston that integrating 4G technology with automobiles is crucial because people spend 2.5 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, and only 16 hours a week in cars, Reuters reports. Read More

Baby I Can Drive Your Car

Pimp My Ride: RelayRides Rolls Out an OnStar Partnership

Oh, for an old-media expense account!

Well, here’s one way to cover the exorbitant cost of a parking space in New York City: peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace RelayRides just announced a big partnership with General Motors and OnStar, meant to make it easier for drivers to rent out their idle vehicles, Airbnb-style.

That is, if you can convince yourself to trust a complete stranger with your car.

RelayRides announced today that OnStar subscribers can now leverage the system to make renting out their cars simpler. Renters will be able to unlock OnStar-equipped cars using only their mobile phones, a.k.a. the one device most of us are practically guaranteed never to lose. Read More