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Make a Pretty Nice Wedding Video For Free With New App Cameo

Videography app Cameo promises to streamline the production and post-production processes.

Thanks to Instagram, Vine and your trusty smartphone, amateur videos are seemingly everywhere now. Gone are the days when you only had to sit through the home movies of your immediate family. Now, we’re all sharing the sights and sounds of our daily lives in real time, with all of our followers, no matter how personal or how mundane those moments may be.

So we might as well make them look good, right? The new app Cameo, out for iOS 7 today, seeks to help its users turn amateur footage into high-quality, fully edited, movie-montage-esque sequences. We spoke with one of its founders, Matthew Rosenberg, last week. He gave us the deets on the app that’s sure to spawn endless clips of our friends’ babies and weddings–but will also yield plenty of interesting, concept-driven short films in the right hands. Read More

Video Killed the Radio Star

Vimeo Launches Virtual Tip Jar, Allowing Creators to Earn Revenue from Their Videos

Mr. Trainor (Photo:

Vimeo, the New York-based video platform known for being the buttoned-up, besuited step-brother to the behemoth YouTube, announced two new features today aimed at empowering video creators to earn money for their work. The first is a virtual Tip Jar, which can be implemented across all Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro accounts beginning today, that allows viewers to reward creators for their hard work with cash donations via credit card or PayPal. Vimeo will retain a 15 percent cut of all tips.

“This is a feature that the product team has had in their minds for quite a while,” Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor told us recently on a visit to the company’s headquarters, nestled in a spacious office stocked with lots of candy in the IAC building. Read More


Booting Up: Stop Watching YouTube and Get Some Sunshine Edition

The ghost haunting the Valley. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Are we in the twilight of Silicon Valley? Yammer CEO David Sacks seems to think so. [TechCrunch]

It’s like the worst Cosmo quiz of all time: Is your Web 2.0 company an Amazon, or a [AllThingsD]

In July, Americans watched 36.9 billion online videos. Americans should probably go outside more often. [CNET]

Here is a terrifying platoon of noodle-slicing robots. [Eater]

Internet jokerster Tom Scott pretended to put the Ecuadorian embassy on Airbnb. [Twitter]

Apropos of very little, we give you Tim Berners-Lee’s original World Wide Web announcement, for your nostalgic pleasure. [Google Groups]

Microprocessing pioneer Victor Poor has passed away. [New York Times]