Nerd Alert

Attention Nerds: The World’s Largest Videogame Collection Is Up For Auction

You could have more videogames than THIS. (Wikimedia Commons)

A Buffalo man is auctioning off the holy grail of nerd-dom: the world’s largest videogame collection. If you want it to be yours, be prepared to shell out a cool $50,000 — at the very least.

Michael Thomasson has amassed the collection, which features over 11,000 games and 100 different consoles, over the past 20 years, ArsTechnica reports. He says he buys one to two games per day, and spends around $3,000 per year updating the collection. Guinness has certified Mr. Thomasson’s videogame collection as the largest in the world. Read More

This Happened

Woman Sells Her Virginity in Online Auction for $780,000; Sad Male Counterpart Only Nets $3,000

(Photo: Virgins Wanted)

Australian filmmaker Justin Sisley has been struggling since 2009 to produce a stunt-heavy documentary that investigates the commodification of virginity. His original outrage-friendly plans to auction off the virginity of two willing participants (in international waters to avoid prostitution charges, natch) were stifled back in 2009, when the 18-year-old female participant dropped out after facing scrutiny from family and friends. Now, Mr. Sisley has re-emerged with two new volunteers who have successfully auctioned off their virginities to the avid internet public. Read More