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There’s a Bomb on This Message! How Lets You Cover Your Tracks


Ever emailed someone a password? Ever had to send a family member your credit card number? How about, did you ever send some information by email that you wish, maybe, you could take back (lookin’ at you, Scarlett)?

People are sending more and more sensitive data to each other over the Internet with less and less thought as to what it means, and Brooklynite Dan Petruzzi and his North Carolina-based partner Jerry Thompson are trying to help. “In this technological age, we are more and more accustomed to sharing information with each other digitally, whether it be over email, text message, or chat,” the pair told Betabeat by email. ” What we often don’t think about is that this leavesĀ a data trail, especially considering how many of us don’t delete our incoming or sent messages. Should you lose your phone or computer, or have it stolen or hacked, this data can easily be retrieved and unfortunately used against you.” Read More