Booting Up: The New York Stock Exchange Wins This Round

Can @Jack get a souvenir jacket? (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Twitter has chosen the New York Stock Exchange for its IPO. “This is a decisive win for the NYSE,” said the exchange’s head of global listings, rubbing NASDAQ’s face it in. [The Verge]

Glenn Greenwald is bailing on the Guardian for a new media venture funded by (wait for it) Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar. [Reuters]

Let’s everybody have a sad trombone for Yahoo! earnings. [AllThingsD]

Got a debit card? Then you can now email your friends money, thanks to Square Cash. [The Verge]

“While the collection is largely typical of the artist’s whimsical tongue-in-cheek work, there is one thing different about his latest creations: Banksy is sharing them on the social Web.” [New York Times]

Bubble Watch Raises $7.6 M. Let’s Hope Profit Pressure Doesn’t Corrupt a Good Thing

Couchsurfing will probably get a swooshier, sexier logo now. is a website that lets travelers shop for free couches to crash on in the cities they’re visiting (and often includes meals, beer, tours and new friendship) which is, yes, in some ways similar to Airbnb, that “billion dollar business” that just raised a massive round. But Couchsurfing has always been about sharing resources for free, between people with a shared love of travel, with the vague idea that kindness to a guest would be repaid in karma when you needed a place to stay elsewhere in the network.

The website designed a clever reputation system, better than Airbnb’s, and though its user experience is not perfect, the nonprofit’s employees and volunteers have managed to iterate on the website and it’s gotten much, much better. And yet its founders decided they needed more money, enough to become a for-profit and invite the profit pressure that comes with tech start-up investors like Omidyar Ventures and VC Benchmark Capital. Read More