Survey Says

Facebook’s Growth Grinds to a Halt as Elderly Show Up in Droves

All these people are grandparents. (Pixabay)

It’s no secret that Facebook has long been having trouble recruiting younger users, and that it might have something to do with the ever-growing presence of olds on the social networking site. We just didn’t realize, until now, how many grandparents were on the site—and it’s more than we expected.

Pew Research today released its Social Media Update 2014, wherein they document the habits of the 81 percent of American adults who use the Internet (in other news, 19 percent of American adults don’t use the Internet, which makes us both confused and envious).

Fifty-six percent of adults aged 65 and over use Facebook, the survey found. That means 31 percent of all American seniors are on Facebook—or “The Facebook,” as we like to imagine they call it. Read More

Dating: The Final Frontier

Swipe Right For Grandma: Stitch Is the New Tinder for the Elderly

Love at first sight <3 (

First, you were teaching Grandpa how to Facebook. And now? He’s swiping left and right for romance.

Don’t worry, your grandfather isn’t going to show up in your Tinder feed. He’s off to find a “companion” on Stitch, a soon-to-be-released dating app designed for the over 50 crowd.

The brain child of Aussie Andrew Dowling, Stitch matches local seniors who are looking for “friends, marriage, and everything in between,” the website says. If it’s anything like Tinder, we expect these seniors are going to be a lot more than friends. Read More