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Google Wants to Insert Itself into as Many of Your Conversations as Possible

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We’ve all done it: An argument breaks out at the bar/dinner table/book club meeting, about a half-remembered line of poetry or factoid about the American Revolution. What was Mick Jagger’s childhood nickname? Only Google can tell you for sure. So someone hauls out a smartphone and lickety-split, the matter is settled. Back to brunch! 

Well, the matter isn’t settled as far as Google is concerned, reports The New York Times. Rather than being a mere 30-second in-case-of-emergency argument ender, the company wants its search products integrated ever-deeper into your socializing, like that one dude who doesn’t know when to stop dropping Trivial Pursuit factoids at the cocktail party.

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Alarming: A Lot of Young Adults Consider the Internet A Moral Influence

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It’s election season, which explains the higher-than-usual incidence of poll-pegged stories we’re seeing in our inbox. And hey, guess what? The Internet now has cultural relevance beyond enabling politicians to send citizens pics of their junk.

And so The Atlantic wound up with a couple of interesting little factoids, as part of its massive state-of-the-union study (co-commissioned by the Aspen Institute). The most alarming? Lots of youths are letting the Internet influence their ideas about morality.

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