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Are You a Sheryl or a Marissa?


There are some women who like to situate themselves on the Charlotte to Samantha personality spectrum. Ladybeat prefers our role models a little GOOGlier, as in Marissa “Employee no. 20″ Mayer and former Google VP and current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Thus, we were intrigued to discover their divergent attitudes toward an acceptable hour to leave the office.

Ever since we saw Ms. Mayer give a talk at the 92nd Street Y a few weeks back, her words about burnout have been echoing in heads–you know, in the empty space, where our work-life balance is supposed to be. According to Ms. Mayer “burnout,” is a figment of your imagination. What you experience as the occasional paralysis due to treating your laptop/iPad/Blackberry like a life-partner and waking in a state of panic at the length of your to-do list, she says is merely a matter of finding the one thing that keeps you going and working that into your schedule. Read More