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myTreat App Lets You Find The Nearest Sugar Daddy

This is a mock-up the company made for us based on previous tweets. Nitasha will not actually buy you goat curry, unless you ask nicely.

Everyone enjoys getting a special unexpected treat every so often. For some it’s just a small red velvet cupcake after work, but for others it’s getting your entire college tuition taken care of by a stranger. Luckily, there is now myTreat, a location-based iPhone app that lets people consensually take advantage of one another for smaller ticket items.

The app launches today and was created by Ben Tao and Eric Lai, the team behind Offbeatr, the “Kickstarter for porn.” Although there is a risque element to this new app, the creators stress that this is a new project that doesn’t involve any adult content. Read More

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Offbeatr, the Kickstarter for Porn, Launches to Fund Adults-Only Sex Projects


When we first heard about Offbeatr (NSFW) back in February, the Kickstarter for porn prompted us to ask ourselves: What other fast-growth startups could benefit from a porn-y clone? Quite a few already had one, as the commenters noted.

Well today, Offbeatr, the delightfully open-minded brainchild of cofounders Ben Tao and Eric Lai, finally launched, billing itself as non-equity based platform to fund “sex and adult related creative projects.”  Read More

Crowd Power

Will Work For Porn: XXX Site Partners with Crowdsourcing Platform So You Can Earn Credits for Porn

Mr. Tao (

There are tons of places where you can complete small online tasks for cash–Fiverr, for example, where you can post tasks you’re willing to complete for $5, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you can get paid a few pennies for taking online surveys, among other mini jobs.

But some people aren’t looking to earn money. Some people are looking to earn porn.

For those enterprising individuals, Extra Lunch Money (NSFW) exists. Read More