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Couple Asks Reddit To Name Daughter, Reddit Does Surprisingly Great Job

Ah, the joy of not being named "Salad." (Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier this year, we reported on the possibly-insane husband and wife that asked the Internet — Redditors, in particularto vote on a name for their unborn daughter.

The husband set up, and invited People of the Internet to submit and vote on ideas for baby names. With names like “Cthulu All-Spark,” “Ixtley” and “Slagathor” topping the list, we were seriously worried for a while about this poor, un-named baby’s future. Read More

Think of the Children

Someone In Mexico Named Their Kid ‘Facebook’

Dramatization. (Photo: Brutal Gamer)

Baby names have been getting progressively dumber in past years (maybe because we’re now allowing Redditors to choose them). You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting four Olyvyrs and a Daxxon at the local park.

So officials in one state Mexican state have taken matters into their own hands by banning the 61 names they’ve deemed dumbest. Facebook is on the list — and that means at least one kid in Sonora, Mexico, is named after the social network, because the names were culled from actual civil registries. Read More