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The Start-Up Board Meeting Is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

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New York has its share of lean start-up devotees preaching the mantra of Faster! Cheaper! Lighter! Better!, a rallying cry that defines the current boom. Split test. Work that agility, girl. Pivot like you mean it! But one of the godfathers of the movement, Steve Blank, is still out West. Mr. Blank has a bone to pick with board meetings, which he says, “haven’t changed since the early 1900’s.”

In keeping with the trend Betabeat has observed of VCs floating their own start-up ideas, hoping to get them built, when Techcofounder’s Ben Mappen met up with Mr. Blank to pitch him on a start-up, GigaOm reports that Mr. Mappen ended up sidelining his idea to pursue Mr. Blank’s instead.

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NYT Lawyers: We Can’t Stop Paywall Hacks, but Don’t Use Our Name

wall jumper

The New York Times has been sending out cease-and-desist letters hackers who created various clever tricks to get around the paper’s new paywall, including the @FreeNYT, @freeNYTimes accounts on Twitter as well as the NYTClean bookmarklet which negates the code on a page that brings up the paywall. This doesn’t mean the Times won’t sue or threaten over the functionality of the hacks under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but the paper doesn’t seem to have plans for that yet. NYTClean has been renamed NYClean; the free Twitter accounts have not switched over yet.  –Bb. Read More