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Startup News: Sumpto Tells College Kids How Popular They Are And Foursquare Adds Ads From Small Businesses

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A lil something for Sumpto¬†Billing itself as the Klout for college students, Sumpto announced that it’s gathered $350,000 in investments from the likes of¬† and Nick Brien, former CEO of McCANN Group. Sumpto uses students’s output on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to determine how influential they are among their peers. But Sumpto doesn’t want to just be “Klout for college students” – it wants to take into account each student as an individual and reward them for being themselves… as much as it’s possible to be any version of your college self and still be deserving of a reward. Read More


FYI, the New York Public Library is Basically Building a Guidebook for Time Travelers

Call us. (Photo: BBC)

Ever stood on a street corner wondering what your neighborhood looked like a century ago? If yes, a) you are a nerd and b) the New York Public Library is working on it.

Thanks to a 2010 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the NYPL has embarked on a big effort to digitize its collection of historical maps. And for the history-crazed among us, they’ve just posted a lengthy, detailed description of how that project works. Read More