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Eight Homeless Hackers Need Your Help

Haha, this is funny because it would never happen. (credit: ?)

Developer collective NYHacker invited hackers from around the world to visit New York from September 15 to 19th for a glorious extended weekend of Big Apple sights, sounds, and hopefully, hospitality. Most of the hackers are coming as a group from Mexico; the others are from here, there and “the internet,” as the Twitter joke goes. During their stay, the hackers will attend the World Maker Faire and the foursquare hackathon, tour startups in Silicon Alley (check out our handy guide) and maybe take a ferry to a statue! But wait … where will all these hackers sleep? Read More

Come Ons

Sample Recruiter Response Letter, Courtesy NY Hacker Brandon Diamond

Mr. Diamond ain't nothin' to fuck with.

Remember when organizers accidentally leaked the entire list of 452 hackers who signed up for the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon? The list has gotten into the hands of some of those overly aggressive, ham-fisted recruiters and non-technical co-founders who dog any engineer with a LinkedIn account. A recent example:

My company is hiring a CTO/lead developer.  We’ve been accepted into a top accelerator program (like one that actually gets written up in TC) so our company has validation and money.  Whoever we bring on would also enjoy a significant equity stake (think co-founder level).  You can read more here:
Camilo [co-founder at GeoSkipper]

In an expression of continuing frustration with pesky talent seekers, local start-up entrepreneur and lead of the developer syndicate NYHacker Brandon Diamond typed back a response that any engineer could use as a model: Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: TechStars, Hackathons and More Hackathons

xkcd minecraft

This week! In New York start-ups!

MINECRAFTATHON. Calling all hackerz! NYHacker Andrew Chin is organizing a Minecraft hackathon on Friday. Make teams. Build the most tricked-out possible structures in a friendly monster-free environment. “The event is supposed to be an informal and fun way of getting together and playing Minecraft,” Mr. Chin said. NYHacker will pick winning teams for the following categories: Community, epic, outrageous, style, and intricate. At Meetup HQ. Get in touch with Mr. Chin @nyhacker to sign up. They’re giving away five copies of the game to newcomers.

IN ALPHA NEWS: Okay, so VHX launched this week, but other New York social video channel curator Shelby.TV is zooming along in alpha over at TechStars. The app started by pulling in shared videos from users’ Twitter graph; on Monday, the company added Facebook integration.

SPEAKING OF TECHSTARS: The first NYC TechStars demo day is on Thursday at AOL Ventures and “expecting more than 500 Angel Investors and VCs to be there for the event,” the incubator announced. Read More