Apple in Your Eye

Should A Broke New York College Student Upgrade To The iPhone 5?

Unhelpful map.

Holding the new iPhone in your hand on launch day feels really special. It’s dumb to say that, but it’s true. Eyes dart in your direction, you get smiled at by strangers. It’s kind of awesome. An Italian tourist approached us and asked, with a sparkle and a hint of desperation in his light blue foreign eyes, “How is it?!” Unfortunately, honesty compelled us to shrug and say, “eh, it’s okay.” He looked back at us like we stole all of his luggage and killed his first born.

The truth about the new iPhone is just that, it’s okay. It’s fine. But as a poor miserable college student who doesn’t make that much money, we wondered if it’s worth the upgrade? Let’s say you’re not a stat-obsessed freak and you’re not that addicted to upgrading–you’re just a regular iPhone owner. Is it worth it for you to make the switch?  Read More

Silicon Alley U

Eric Schmidt and Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs Join Mayor Bloomberg As Advisors To Cornell NYC Tech

(Photo: CornellNYC Tech)

Cornell NYC Tech, the Ivy League school’s Technion assisted expansion onto Roosevelt Island, just got a huge PR boost from three big names. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs, and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt have all been tapped to be advisors to the new tech campus.

Now they’re like the super-important ultra-rich white guy Avengers of Cornell.  Read More

Summer Fun

With Justin Bieber Blasting, Uber Dabbles in Ice Cream Delivery for a Day

2012-07-13 12.26

“I have butterflies,” confessed Cara Hodge, Uber’s New York office manager, as we stepped into the yellow Van Leeuwen ice cream truck. With Britney Spears playing in the background, the truck pulled away from the curb and headed down Seventh Avenue, beginning Uber’s one-day ice cream delivery event–complete with a bouncy pop soundtrack, neon tank tops for the customers Read More


Booting Up: Uber’s Milkshake to Bring all the Boys to the Yard Edition

(Photo: We are the Archetype)

Car service app Uber is rolling out a one-day feature in seven cities (including New York!) that allows users to request an ice cream truck. God, some people will do anything for attention. [New York Times]

Here’s Steve Ballmer being all Steve Ballmer again. [Forbes]

100 Curls that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. We assume Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera got a free haircut out of this deal? [Ouidad]

Your punishment for still using Yahoo! Voice is that your account was probably hacked. Sorry. [Ars Technica]

That best place for NYC to announce a new initiative turning payphones into wifi hotspots? Tumblr, natch. [NYC Gov Tumblr]

Is Apple discriminating against Iranian-Americans? [New York Times]

Going Mobile

Governor Cuomo Introduces New Traffic Tracking Mobile App for When Google Maps Isn’t Sufficient

No texting and driving for you! (Photo: Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

Betabeat has recently gotten into the habit of pulling up Google Maps’ traffic layer to see just how backed up the West Side Highway is when we stay long enough at the office to rationalize grabbing a cab back to Brooklyn. It usually works like a charm, and by using it we manage to avoid the all-red avenues, ratcheting down our fare.

But for those who prefer their traffic information state-sponsored, yesterday Governor Cuomo introduced a New York state mobile traffic app that can keep you up to date on jams in real time. Read More