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Phantom Phone Vibration Syndrome Is Making Us All Feel Insane

No, there's no one on the other end, you nut.

Remember your first BlackBerry? Remember the creepy feeling that it was vibrating in your pocket when it wasn’t even in your pocket, but instead was in the other room?

Well, it turns out you had an actual condition, a syndrome no less. And phantom phone vibration is still being experienced by lots and lots of people, including 90 percent of college undergrads who took part in a study in 2012, NPR reports. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Everyone Got Over Their Foxconn Guilt Just in Time to Buy a New iPad

Workers in a Chinese Apple factory. (

Remember that whole Apple/Foxconn debacle, wherein the New York Times questioned the human cost of the iPad’s Chinese production? Yeah, neither do we.

It turns out that the majority of Americans have succeeded in ignoring the gnawing guilt they displayed a few months ago over the whole ordeal just in time for the release of the new iPad. Congratulations, short-term Internet memory! You win again. Read More


Social Media is NOT Just For Interns! (Says a Disgruntled NPR Social Media Manager)

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Social media! Some people believe in its power for brands to attain previously unexplored levels of reach and influence while engaging with their audience in a totally new and awesome and visceral way. Some people just use it as a glorified RSS feed. And some people are still trying to figure out what “RT” means. Whatever the case, there are plenty of jobs in social media, and they pay! This distinguishes the other kinds of jobs in social media management, wherein these duties are relegated to a lowly intern with nothing better to do. Which is often the case! And not only do not all social media managers know each other—we hear—but they’re also not all interns! Did you know this? Someone didn’t. Which pissed someone else off. Read More