Booting Up: Assume Twitter #Music Dead

Dead? (Photo: iTunes)

Because it’s useless, Twitter is reportedly going to kill off its #Music app. [AllThingsD] has pulled items created by designer Cody Foster because of allegations of plagiarism. [Fast Company]

The Nokia reinvention plan kicks off tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. The company plans to introduce its first tablet and “so-called phablet” devices. [Wall Street Journal]

The Obama administration will get this snafu figured out eventually. It’s promising a “tech surge” to fix the limp website. [The Verge]

Like we told you on Friday, the Fifth Estate bombed. The movie only made $1.7 million in its opening weekend. [Vulture]


Booting Up: Microsoft Buys Itself a Labor Day Present

Nokia!! (Photo: Dailytech)

Microsoft took some time off from its Labor Day BBQ to announce that it had acquired the handset and services arm of Nokia. [New York Times]

CBS and Time Warner, two gigantic babies masquerading as multi-million dollar companies, finally reached a deal that allows CBS programming to return to Time Warner. It hit your TV last night at 6pm EST, but unless you watch Two Broke Girls (lol), you probably didn’t notice. [The Verge]

Apparently growing bored of life on his lush New Zealand compound, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has started his own political party, and–yes–he’s President of it. [TorrentFreak]

Here’s a cool interactive graphic from the Times about the next great startup. Snapchat is included, of course. [NYT]

Jeff Bezos intends to use his bajillions to create a new “golden era” at WaPo. [Washington Post]


Booting Up: The Chickens Come Home to Roost for Apple Maps Manager

Whoops. (Photo: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps)

Word on the street says Apple has fired the manager who oversaw the development of its ill-fated Maps app. [Bloomberg]

This anthropologist completely submerged herself in the culture she was studying for three years … meaning she moved to the Bay Area and started chatting up hackers. [Wired]

Google has released an icy slew of Street View updates, including photos of Svalbard, Norway–which is about 400 miles north of continental Europe. [TNW]

The most commonly asked politics question on in 2012: “Who will win the Presidential race?” Guys, it’s a search engine, not a crystal ball. For fortune-telling, you need Nate Silver. [VentureBeat]

Nokia is suing to block the sale of many RIM products until they can straighten out royalties, not that it’ll save either company from the scrapheap of corporate history. [ComputerWorld]


Booting Up: The Beautiful But Deadly Emma Watson Edition

What, like we're going to Google a picture of her? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Warby Parker just raised [adjusts glasses] a $37 million round, reportedly led by General Catalyst Partners. [Fortune]

Toys “R” Us plans to sell its own tablet for the kiddies. [Wall Street Journal]

If you search “Emma Watson” online, there’s a good chance you’ll land on malware. Also, you may very well be kind of a creep. [Boston Globe]

Turns out even Google Fiber can’t magic away racial and economic fault lines. [New York Times]

Shit, remember the movie Sneakers? Oh, for the days when hackers had to leave their lairs! [Slate]

App Ecomony

Nokia Debuts New Lumia Apps, But Is That Enough?


Despite less-than-stellar Lumia sales, Nokia continues to plug valiantly away. Down at the CTIA Wireless convention, the company has just announced several new brand-name Windows Phone apps–some of which will be initially exclusive to the Lumia. But it remains to be seen whether simply improving the app store is enough to catapult the platform to where it needs to be.

Lumia users will soon have the option to download a PGA Tour app, an updated Groupon app, and hubs for both ESPN and AOL Entertainment. Also available across the Windows Phone platform will be Angry Birds, several EA games, Time, and a PayPal app. Read More

Jobs Report

Nokia Repays $420 K. Grant For Failing To Create Lasting Jobs in New York

Nokia's renovated headquarters via

This week, Nokia, the Finnish phone company currently taking a beating on its bottom line, was forced to pay back $420,000 for a broken deal to bring jobs to its former North American headquarters in Westchester.

The Empire State Development Corporation, a group responsible for moving companies to New York, had originally bestowed a $700,000 “Jobs Now” grant unto the smartphone maker back in 2006 when Nokia purchased a former IBM building in Harrison, New York, roughly 20 miles outside Manhattan. The problem was there were no “Jobs Later,” so to speak. Read More

Let Me Locate You

Get Ready for IPS: Like GPS, Except the Signal Is Coming FROM INSIDE THE BUILDING


Of all of Google’s bleeding edge projects and technologies–say cars that drive themselves or the Internet on your goddam face–there’s only one Marissa Mayer described as futuristic during a recent Q&A at the 92nd Street Y: Indoor positioning systems. Google has already implemented the technology, which lets you locate yourself inside a building, on Google Maps for Android at Macy’s flagship store (using the building’s floor plan and Wifi readings) and all the transit stations in Tokyo.

“Even though I helped build it,” Ms. Mayer told the crowd, “It’s like scifi!” Read More

Cell your Soul

Nokia’s Q1 Earnings Are In: Apparently the Beta Test Isn’t Over After All


Nokia may have scored a couple points on the hip chart with their commercials featuring 30 Rock’s Chris Parnell, but even Dr. Spaceman couldn’t save the company from continuing to be pigeonholed as that cheap brand for throwaway phones you buy during study abroad. Nokia’s Q1 earnings reports are in, and while the Lumia nabbed some pretty impressive reviews, its actual sales numbers have been a little less than impressive. Read More