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Nodejitsu’s Co-Founders on the Power of Node.js and the Beauty of Javascript

charlie and marak

Charlie Robbins and Marak Squires are high school friends, now all grown up and united by their passion for Javascript. Their company, Nodejitsu (also Paolo Fragomeni, who joined as a later co-founder)¬†just raised $750,000 after about a year of basically bootstrapping. They’ve been writing hours of open source code and building a platform to help developers who want to use a relatively new technology, Node.js, to build faster, stronger apps.

Betabeat interviewed these guys back in January, when they were still scrapping hard at General Assembly. Since then, Mr. Squires moved to San Francisco because they decided they needed a presence there, and has set up shop at the West Coast Hack Haus in the Lower Haight. He is in the process of developing a series of raps that teach people about Node.js. Read More

Nerd Alert

This Is a Rap About Javascript

Marak Squires

“I started a project to learn javascript and node.js through rap,” Nodejitsu co-founder and New York expat Marak Squires told Betabeat over Gchat. Mr. Squires has a well-established tradition of rapping about Javascript. Nodejitsu is a hosting platform for apps that use node.js, which allows for server-side use of Javascript, normally a browser-side language. Read More