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Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Be Dead By 2030

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If you checked Nielsen Ratings, you’d think that the only people watching TV were age 54 and older (and you’d be right), and that Millennials are a black hole of immeasurable Internet content consumption—that is, until Nielsen starts measuring Netflix traffic next month.

But what does Netflix CEO Reed Hastings think about Nielsen’s bold step forward? Meh. Earlier this week, in Mexico City, he said that it’s “not very relevant” either way, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Read More

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Survey Says Your Boss Is Probably Looking at Porn Right Now

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Next time your workplace computer network feels a little sluggish, don’t be so quick to blame Time Warner. It might be infected with a digital STD thanks to your company’s pervy higher-ups.

A recent survey showed that corporate malware is often caused by senior managers peeping at porn on their work computers. Forty percent of malware experts polled said they’d removed the stuff from a boss’s machine, Time NewsFeed reports. Read More


Booting Up: BlackBerry Slashes Work Force by 300

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The dissolution of BlackBerry begins: It axed 300 employees from its Canadian headquarters. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a handy chart of the top 17 tech companies and the composition of their boards, with nary a woman in sight. [Valleywag]

San Francisco-based tech companies justify their tax breaks by giving back to the community with cocktail parties. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Dying is launching a live streaming music concert series. [The Verge]

Nielsen’s new Twitter TV Ratings is a “load of crap” that’s designed to make both companies rich. [Defamer]

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Nielsen Is Now Tracking Your Annoying Tweets About Television

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Look at what you Scandal fans did: TV ratings service Nielsen will now track your show-related tweets, as part of a new strategy to better track the “unique audience” of each program.

The New York Times reports that the new, creatively titled product called “Twitter TV Ratings,” will measure every tweet and conversation related to what’s happening on the tube and how far they reach. Twitter’s betting big on TV for ad dollars–the word appears more than 40 times in the company’s IPO filing. Read More