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The Atlantic Thinks Techies Don’t Give Ashton Kutcher Enough Cred

Mr. Unappreciated

The Atlantic‘s Nicholas Jackson wrote a curious post about Ashton Kutcher yesterday in which Mr. Jackson alleges that Mr. Kutcher’s “smart decisions in the start-up space make most venture capitalists look like amateurs.” Despite that, Mr. Jackson points out:

“But he doesn’t get a lot of coverage. At least not as much, in the tech press that is, as Peter Thiel or Ron Conway or Paul Graham. And that’s probably because he still describes himself as an actor.”

Guess all that stage┬átime about his approach to investment at TechCrunch Disrupt wasn’t enough. If you ask Mr. Jackson, “Kutcher has invested in so many–and had so much success with– startup companies, that he might be called a venture capitalist first and an actor second.”

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