Booting Up: The Kim Dotcom’s Happy Day Edition


New Zealand High Court has ruled police search warrants used against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom illegal, calling data sent to the FBI unlawfully obtained. Party at Kim Dotcom’s mansion and you’re all invited! No, seriously. [TorrentFreak]

Even better, if Mr. Dotcom gets his home surveillance tapes back from the FBI, we might be able to see, “just how Rambo the police went.” [@nzben]

And the most popular email service in the world is . . . Hotmail?! Seriously? [The Atlantic] Read More


Google Debuts Nexus Q, A Media Streaming Device, But Will It Convince Anyone to Use Google Play?

(Photo: Google)

At its I/O developer conference today, Google introduced a new hardware device that streams music and video to a variety of Wifi-connected devices. A black orb with a glowing blue stripe, the Nexus Q is not just pretty, it’s Apple-quality pretty. In fact, as AllThingsD reports, its two main developers boast Apple design pedigrees.

But design isn’t everything. Functionality and already-established technology habits could derail the Nexus Q’s goal of catching up to the success of Apple’s iTunes store. Read More