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Taiwanese Animation Studio Reportedly Up for Sale After Beating Its Own Meme to Death [UPDATED]

From Next Media's animation of Turntable.fm.

UPDATE, 12:11 p.m.: Next Media has released an animation denying reports that it is for sale.

Taiwanese animation studio Next Media is the latest startup to fall over the Internet hype cliff. The concept had a ragingly successful debut with computer-generated cartoons summarizing big news stories where video was not available. Tiger Woods driving into a tree, the story of JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s dramatic walkout–we clicked, and we laughed. But the company is up for sale after a made-for-television venture failed to get traction, reports the Taipei Times. Read More

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It’s Out: Highly-Anticipated Osama bin Laden Video from Taiwan Animators Next Media [VIDEO]

Taiwanese animation studio Next Media has been producing semi-fictionalized animations of news events in which real video is unavailable (Tiger Woods fighting with his wife, behind the scenes at the royal wedding–find more on their YouTube channel), accompanied by a summary of the story. The studio just posted its summary of Osama bin Laden’s death. They called it, “Osama get got.” Read More