Portal to Nowhere

Yahoo’s Audience Is Its Platform. A Portal For News To Go Social

yahoo social

Earlier this week Yahoo announced a major integration with ABC. The struggling internet portal finds its stock in the gutter, its internal management in shambles and bankers circling like vultures to break it into pieces they can sell off to the highest bidder. The one thing Yahoo still has in spades is a massive audience.

What’s really interesting, however, is that ABC is not just interested in connecting with the vast number of eyeballs Yahoo can send from its 25 million daily visitors. It’s also intrigued by the kind of social traffic that the big news networks are keen on tapping into. Read More

Funds and Fundability

Do GOOD, Make Returns: Collaborative Fund Ramps Up in New York

michael karnjanaprakorn

Idealistic New York entrepreneurs take notice: Collaborative Fund, the socially-minded seed stage fund started late last year by Craig Shapiro, former president at GOOD Worldwide, is ramping up its New York presence. Michael Karnjanaprakorn, co-founder of Collaborative Fund-funded Skillshare, just announced he’s officially advising and scouting for the fund in a role similar to what Chris Poole does for Lerer Ventures and Zach Klein does for Founder Collective. Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Tech Comedy Fiesta, Aviary API Contest, Hashable Hiring


Your week in New York start-ups starts here.

LOL. The New York Tech Comedy Ball, which promises a 50-50 girl-to-guy ratio and featured tiered pricing to that end, is TONIGHT. Open bar, comedy, “surprise celebrity guests,” sponsor giveaways and a VIP afterparty are in store. Step and repeat! Red carpet experience! 8 p.m., Greenhouse. Hint: Password can be found via Google. Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Stack Overflow Backlash, XYDO Launch, and Hackers Finally Have Proper Party


What happened/is happening this week in New York tech?

COME ONE, COME ALL TO THE HACKER TOWN HALL. Want to hang with hackers outside of a grueling 48-hour hackathon? “We’re trying to do something special with the Hacker Townhall,” organizer Brandon Diamond said in an email blast asking hackers to spread the word. “We want to help hackers get to know the activities and groups available within the city (and to get to know one another, too). Think “activity fair” meets “cocktail party” meets “free beer and pizza.” See?” You can next Thursday at General Assembly. Dress code? “Tremendously casual.” Also, be a hacker or GTFO.  Read More

How to Use Email

TechCrunch BCC Fail Reveals Emails of Everyone Who Applied to Disrupt Hackathon

email is hard

UPDATE: Mike Arrington personally apologized for the blunder on TechCrunch: “Yes, there is nothing you can say to make us feel worse. And, yes, we can never make fun of anyone doing this again without pointing back to this post.”

ORIGINAL POST: Exactly 452 people applied to the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. How do we know? The organizers just sent out a blast email thanking applications for their submissions, everyone cc’ed in plain sight. “Our industry-wide nightmare of publicly disclosed email addresses continues,” says the source who passed the email along. Applicants have now been flooded with reply-alls from others joking and venting about the massive bcc fail; more than 27 responses and growing, we hear. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: Media, Nerds and Be-Officings


Osama bin Laden was the talk of Twitter today, wasn’t he, and we regret to say none of these rumors are bin Laden-based. However, they are mostly about tech! Read on for office angling, kittens, and the petty trials of internet mad men.

OFFICE SHUFFLE. Many tenant shakeups at the NYU-Poly incubator today, we hear from a source, “mainly because the biggest tenant, Ecological, moved in to their own office.” Finally–Ecological announced its intention to move months ago; companies had been itching to move into their old space. The freshly be-officed start-ups include Weeels (carpooling, “social transit”), BestVendor.com (social recommendations), and “Two Lines and a Dot,” a consulting company that uses NYU-Poly students as labor. “Not really a tech company, as I understand,” source tells us. Read More


Forrst Realizes Wait List Almost Half the Size of Userbase; Revamps Invites


This should make some nerds rejoice: Forrst, the Tumblr for coders, just announced an overhaul of its highly-exclusive invite system. “Folks who should be in the community have been subjected to increasingly unreasonable waits—sometimes up to a few months,” the New York-based start-up blogged this afternoon. The wait list had stretched to 13,000 strong–almost half Forrst’s 27k userbase, founder Kyle Bragger told Betabeat. Read More


All Right, Who Wants to Sponsor This: TechStars Alums Launch Hackathon in the Tropics

costa rica house

TechStars alum Nick Tommarello can’t work in the cold, so it only makes sense that he would organize a start-up hackathon on an equatorial beach, right? This morning Mr. Tommarello, along with Nick PlanteGreg BeloteZach Iglis, and “a few others” launched Startup Workaway, a ten-day trip for 20 “developers, designers, engineers, & biz guys” who want to “get stuff done” for eight hours a day in a beautiful house in Costa Rica. Read More