Talent Crunch

The Latest Front in the Developer Talent Wars: Newspapers

Hopefully not how developers think of newsrooms.

News media have joined the great engineering talent grabThe Washington Post is looking for an iPhone developer; the Boston Globe needs a front-end developer for boston.com and bostonglobe.com. The Chicago Tribune is looking for a news apps developer. The New York Times Media Group is looking for three web developers, a WordPress developer and an interactive graphics editor in New York, as well as a web developer in Tampa. The AP, WSJ and Newsweek are looking for programmers; so is the New York Observer.

At a time when Wall Street is wooing technical talent with plush salaries and start-ups are fighting to provide the mostest happy fun time edgy dot-com redux workspace imaginable (stand-up desks! wacky office antics! field trips to the beach!), the news industry is a tough sell. Read More