Apps Like Tinder

Tinder for News: Swipe Right to Discard a Story, Swipe Left to Share on Social Media

Left, right, left, left. (Image via Buffer)

Tinder may be the night, but this swiping app is for your morning coffee.

Buffer, a platform for sharing content and managing social media accounts, released a new app that adopts a Tinder-like approach to make it easy to find and share interesting news items.

The iOS app, Daily, displays headlines from various news outlets one at a time and allows users to read the story then swipe left to pass or right to share on social media. Read More

Talent Crunch

The Latest Front in the Developer Talent Wars: Newspapers

Hopefully not how developers think of newsrooms.

News media have joined the great engineering talent grab. The Washington Post is looking for an iPhone developer; the Boston Globe needs a front-end developer for and The Chicago Tribune is looking for a news apps developer. The New York Times Media Group is looking for three web developers, a WordPress developer and an interactive graphics editor in New York, as well as a web developer in Tampa. The AP, WSJ and Newsweek are looking for programmers; so is the New York Observer.

At a time when Wall Street is wooing technical talent with plush salaries and start-ups are fighting to provide the mostest happy fun time edgy dot-com redux workspace imaginable (stand-up desks! wacky office antics! field trips to the beach!), the news industry is a tough sell. Read More