Crime and Punishment

Man Fined $32K for Jamming Newark Airport’s Signals Because He Wanted to Avoid Work

Jammed. (Photo: Flickr)

A New Jersey man has figured out the stupidest way to hide from his employer — and he’s being charged a lot money for it.

The FCC is imposing a civil penalty on Gary Bojczak, which includes a $32,000 fine, for illegally using a GPS jamming device to avoid being tracked by his employer after it interfered with Newark Liberty Airport’s satellite-based tracking system.

Investigators said Mr. Bojcazk rolled up to the airport last August in his Ford pickup and was “emanating signals within a restricted frequency band used by the augmentation system.” Read More

Metro Tech

Meet Marie: LaGuardia Airport’s New Thumb-Twiddling Customer Service Avatar

LaGuardia Airport General Manager Tom Bosco introduces Terminal B's new customer service representative, Marie.

Wednesday was the first day on the job for Marie, LaGuardia Airport’s newest customer service hire: a virtual avatar designed to answer questions and help guide visitors through the airport.

The round-faced, chestnut-haired young woman we saw before us was merely a video of a human woman–the Port Authority wouldn’t disclose the actress’s name–projected on Read More