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New York Tech Meetup Debuts Paid Memberships for High Rollers

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Sick of the last New York Tech Meetup ticket selling out just before you have a chance to get your hands on it? Well, good news if you absolutely must attend every demo: The organization has just announced the launch of a beta-stage annual membership.

In an email sent to members earlier this afternoon (available here in blog form), the NYTM team points out that, while tickets have been $10 since 2008, those big demo nights aren’t exactly getting any cheaper to host: Read More

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Startup News: Let’s Launch the Summer with a New York Tech Meetup and Loads of New Features

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MEET ‘N GREET Monday, June 5, is this month’s New York Tech Meetup. Presenters range from Fitocracy to Loosecubes. If you haven’t bought tickets, you’ve got one more chance: There’s one batch left, and they go on sale Friday.

MORNING, SUNSHINE has just revamped its morning email, ramping up the “daily briefing” angle. Not only has the company redesigned the whole thing,’s editor will be pick three big stories to summarize every morning. Also added: stuff you missed and an image. Because images are snazzy.

SALE SALE SALE For all the pinatics out there: social commerce platform Lyst has debuted a tool that’ll allow you to receive an instant sale alert whenever something on your Pinterest boards goes on sale. In addition, Lyst will notify users who pin an item from a store whether that item can be had elsewhere. Read More


Booting Up: Kim Dotcom Still a Boss Edition


The New York Tech Meetup is producing a video series called #startupstories. “Failure” is apparently Fred Wilson’s fav. [NYTM]

Sergey Brin lets California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom try on Google Glasses. [The Verge]

There’s a new digital divide in town. [New York Times]

A roundup of Tim Cook’s chat at the AllThingsD conference. [Wall Street Journal]

Kim Dotcom is winning legal battles left and right. [Bloomberg]

No one on Facebook actually cared about the Facebook IPO. [Buzzfeed]

the startup rundown

Startup News: Next Jump Brings Technology Into More NYC Classrooms, Behance Gets an Upgrade

The new Behance

HOP SCOTCH. New York City based Next Jump, a company that strives to better match consumers with businesses, has raised over $500,000 to bring technology into more than 750 classrooms. The campaign, which started late last year, funds projects submitted through DonorsChoose by shoppers on, Next Jump’s discounts and deals website. The initiative has already impacted the lives of 85,000 NYC students, most of them in needy public schools.

TARGET MARKET. PeerIndex, the social influence marketing platform, has raised nearly $3 million in Series A funding led by Antrak Capital. NYC resident and former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer also invested in the round. PeerIndex, whose CTO is New York tech evangelist Sanford Dickert,  seeks to identify “influential individuals” on social media and “facilitates sampling interactions between brands and these influencers.” Sounds effective—but kind of creepy. Read More

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NASDAQ Partners with New York Tech Meetup, Refuses to Play Hard to Get

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It’s official. No one at NASDAQ has been reading The Game. Today NASDAQ, which already boasts a Look at me! I’m one of you! Tumblr, made its designs on the local startup scene obvious by partnering with the mothership: New York Tech Meetup. The press release says that the partnership will be “focused on engaging, educating and promoting New York City’s technology community in unique and relevant ways,” but leaves out the implied plea to future Mark Zuckerbergs of the East: Don’t forget us when its time to IPO! Read More

Electioneering at New York Tech Meetup

Mr. Diamond.

About 60 of 200 registered attendees gathered at New Work City last night to hear two-minute speeches by the candidates for an open New York Tech Meetup board seat. Meetup and NYTM founder Scott Heiferman stood in the audience in a red hoodie, board member Esther Dyson settled on the window ledge in a #newsfoo t-shirt, and scene staple Gary Sharma wandered about with his sponsored tie (Pivotal Labs and Inkba) as 15 candidates gave their vision of what should change about the largest meetup in New York, which last year incorporated as a nonprofit 501c(6), giving it the power to lobby government, among other things. Read More

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Five Women Are Running for New York Tech Meetup’s Board; Last Year There Were None

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Is it just us, or has the New York Tech Meetup gotten more female-friendly since it was taken over by a Girl Scout? Last year New Work City-based user experience designer Whitney Hess was briefly the only woman last year running for a spot on the board of the New York Tech Meetup—the largest tech organization in New York City—before she dropped out without comment, leaving 17 men in the race for two board seats in the newly incorporated nonprofit.

But this year? There are at least four women vying for one open seat in addition to Ms. Hess: Read More

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Goooood Morning, Silicon Alley! Gary Sharma’s Picks for the Week of Dec. 5: Parties, Parties And Mo’ Parties Edition, Part 1


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), Founder of GarysGuide, Mentor at ER Accelerator and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

NYTM Board Elections
So, with all the eating ‘n drinking ‘n partying, u probably didn’t realize that election season is upon us. Well, the NY Tech Meetup elections that is. And if you thought the GOP Presidential Nominations debates were crazy entertaining, welllll… wait until ya get a peek at the candidates jostling for a seat on the NYTM Board of Directors. That includes Alexis Goldstein, Ben Kessler (CrowdTap), Brandon Diamond (Hacker Union), Dan Healy, David Tisch (Managing Director, TechStars), Eric Friedman (Foursquare), Evan Schreiber, Gregory Schnese (Product Marketing, Kikin), Izzy Johnston, Jalak Jobanputra, Jesse Landry (Biz Dev, iTechArt), Jonathan Askin (Professor, Brooklyn Law School), June Cohen, Matthew Knell, Murat Aktihanoglu (Founder, ER Accelerator), Phil Thomas di Guilio, Shai Goldman (Silicon Valley Bank), Wei Zhao (Founder, Seatig) and Whitney Hess (UX Consultant). Phewwwww, quite a list, huh? Well, my money is on Senor Tisch of course (Incubator honcho? check. Reality tv star and runway model? check. Beloved by the NY Tech community? check. check. check.). But hey, as with any elections, you can never tell until the final vote has been cast and counted, right? Who knows what kind of dirt the candidates are digging up about each other right now ;) Click here to get the inside scoop on all the candidates and click here for ur chance to meet the candidates this evening @ New Work City and hear their pitches.

Stay tuned for my “Parties, Parties and Mo’ Parties Edition: Part 2″ next Monday.

And now, lets pull back the curtains to see what crazzzy holiday partying madness is going down in da Alley this week… Read More