Twitter’s New ‘Muting’ Feature Lets You Silence Your Annoying Friends

It's the stealthiest way to get your friends to shut up! (Screengrab: Twitter)

We all have that friend who’s great in person, but super annoying on Twitter — you know, that person who retweets everything Perez Hilton posts, or who uses #blessed in every other tweet. Straight up blocking that friend is a little harsh, but then how do you escape the constant barrage of 140-character nonsense?

Thankfully, Twitter announced on their blog today that they’re introducing a new “muting” feature, which will let you hide certain users’ activity from your Twitter experience. Here’s how product manager Paul Rosania describes the new feature in the blog post: Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: Social Media Edition


OMGNATE. We posted about Nate Westheimer selling the first app he ever coded, Ohours, to Hirelite. Ohours was going great! People loved it! And yet Mr. Westheimer was ready to move on to bigger and better Rubylicious things. Although he demurred when we asked what. But the rumormill is suggesting it’s something to do with social gaming. A source tells Betabeat the stealth project is “a partnership with OMGPOP’s Forman,” referring to the infamous Charles, a friend of Mr. Westheimer’s. Read More