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Columbia Gets in on the Action, as the City Coughs Up $15M. for a Third Tech Campus

Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Bollinger. (Photo: NYC Mayor's Office Instagram

This morning, the right honorable Mayor Bloomberg ventured north to the Columbia campus for what was teased on Twitter as a “big announcement.” It turns out that Columbia will not be left out while Cornell-Technion and NYU Polytechnic rake in all the glory, because the Lions are getting their very own tech project, the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because the project is what the university originally pitched, way back in October, for its very own applied sciences campus. For those keeping score at home, that brings the city’s total up to three tech campuses. Are you excited for science yet? Read More

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Coursekit Is Now Lore; Peter Thiel Invests

Mr. Cohen. (

Coursekit, which bills itself as a social network for higher education, is Coursekit no more. Henceforth the company will be known as “Lore,” a name which offers a little more flexibility for a fast-growing, still-evolving startup.

The company released a statement saying that the change “reflects the company’s ambition to be the global network of learners, instructors, and educational content.” Read More