‘For Such a Jaded Man He Is Very Cuddly:’ The Best of Nev and Max Catfish Fanfiction

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The true test of any celebrity couple is whether a gaggle of Tumblr-loving tweens has dedicated substantial after-school hours to concocting elaborate fanfics where they live happily ever after (or at least bone). There are countless pieces of Glee fanfiction on the web, and don’t even get us started on the creepy One Direction passages (“I Was Kidnapped by One Direction”). Read More


Filmmakers Will Once Again Use the Magical Powers of Reverse Image Search to Break People’s Hearts on Catfish

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Think twice before you sext that dude you’re in love with on OkCupid; he might, you know, not actually exist.

That’s the premise, at least, for MTV’s hit documentary series Catfish, which swims into its second season tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Based on the 2010 film Catfish—wherein one of the Catfish cohosts learns his 20-something Read More

We're Going to be TV Stars

Calling All People With Weird Internet Friends: You Can Now Apply to Be on Season 2 of Catfish

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Catfish, we’d argue, is actually one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s not as highbrow as Homeland and it’s probably largely staged, but MTV’s attempt to turn the award-winning documentary into a reality TV show series has never once disappointed us in the OMGWTF department.

The show, which arranges for people with longtime Internet relationships to finally meet face to face, inevitably revealing the complex nest of lies they’ve told each other, is entertainment in the purest sense: Viewers can’t help but watch with a sense of horror and fascination as people humiliate themselves–and then are redeemed!–right on the screen. Read More