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Scientists Figure Out How to Give Some Poor Lab Mouse the Opposite Of a Drunken Blackout

"Ugh, what???" -- not-drunk mice everywhere. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Ever woken up with the sickening realization that you’re missing two hours from last night, forcing you to conclude that you were probably acting a complete fool? Well, a laboratory mouse somewhere in Cambridge, Mass. is experiencing the opposite, after MIT scientists managed to implant a false memory inside her wee brain.

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The Future Will See You Now

Soon, the iBrain May Read Your Thoughts

The iBrain (neurovigil.com)

It’s probably obvious, but we feel the need to say this: every damned thing about famed physicist Stephen Hawking is inspirational. We cannot read an article about him and not feel emotionally impacted by the fact that he is 70 years old, suffering from Lou Gherig’s disease, and yet continues to serve as an integral figure in many of the most cutting edge scientific experiments out there. Mr. Hawking, who is finding it more difficult to speak as his disease progresses, is still at it with the iBrain, a device that the New York Times reports is learning to read thoughts, with Mr. Hawking as its first human test subject. Read More