Booting Up: BlackBerry’s CEO Has A Lot of Clever Ideas About Saving the Company

The future. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

Make your own Grindr joke: The NSA supposedly has “complete backdoor access” to your iPhone. [Daily Dot]

BlackBerry’s new CEO has a lot of plans to turn around the struggling company. Unfortunately one of those ideas isn’t pivoting the company into a Chipotle franchise. [AllThingsD]

27 percent of adults smartly ignore social networks. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Netflix is trialling a $6.99/month plan that streams standard definition quality video. That’s a whopping $1 less than what they currently offer. [GeekWire]

Prescription lenses for Google Glass will be available in “just a few weeks,” so get excited nerds. [Slash Gear


Booting Up: Twitter Is Sorry For Messing With The Block Function

See you soon, Frank! (Photo: YouTube)

Twitter changed how its block function worked. People hated it. Twitter changed it back. [Time]

Some enterprising Yahoo employees are going to Facebook and Google bus stops to recruit fresh meat. [Forbes]

It takes Netflix users a week to finish a 22-episode season of a show. [WSJ]

Amazon might launch a Costco club-like online store called Pantry next year. Shoppers can choose from 2,000 bulk items and have them delivered for a small fee. [USA Today]

[palms to the air emoji] Here’s a new trailer for House of Cards. [YouTube]


Booting Up: Facebook Wants News Feed To Be More Like a Newspaper Since Those Are Doing Really Well

Not happening. (Photo: Facebook)

If Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox has his way with the redesigned News Feed, content from viral aggregators like BuzzFeed won’t be surfaced as frequently as they are now. [AllThingsD]

CEO Travis Kalanick says now that Uber has figured out how to deliver a car in five minutes, the possibilities for expanding its services are endless. [CNet]

“Twitter has taken over the public real-time internet. Now it wants in on the private one.” [BuzzFeed]

Even though HBO and Netflix both have a large library of movies and watchable original series, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes doesn’t think they’re competitors. [The Wrap]

Everybody loves working at Twitter apparently. [GigaOM]


Booting Up: Netflix Is Releasing That Mitt Romney Documentary You Always Wanted

Hi Mitt! (Photo: Netflix)

Protestors surrounded a Google employee bus yesterday and captured it on video they hoped would go viral. They got their wish then their camera caught a supposed employee of the tech giant telling them that if they can’t afford San Francisco, they should leave. After some digging, though, it turned out the man wasn’t a Google employee and it was all a hoax. [Slate]

Flailing startup Clinkle has laid off 25 percent of its staff, mostly from its business side, as it figures out what it is. [Valleywag]

Facebook has hired NYU professor Yann LeCun to spearhead its new “artificial intelligence lab.” [Business Insider]

Netflix acquired a documentary about Mitt Romney because that’s exactly what you want to settle in and watch on a Friday night. It will start streaming on Jan. 24. [The Wrap]

The most checked in place on Facebook in America is Disneyland confirming that only moms use the feature. [Skift]


Booting Up: The NSA Spied on Gamers Because Teen Smack-Talking Is Integral to National Security

Man with the plan. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Giant tech companies including LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and others are banning together to create a “Reform Government Surveillance” group. “We strongly believe that current laws and practices need to be reformed,” they explained. [VentureBeat]

Bitcoin’s value plummeted over the weekend after China started cracking down on the use of the digital currency. [PC World]

Netflix is quietly transforming from a streaming company to a full-fledged network that could soon take on the biggies. [New Republic]

The NSA reportedly spied on video game platforms like Xbox Live and probably heard (or saw) a lot of things they wish they didn’t. [Guardian]

Some of the city’s new cabs include USB outlets, panoramic windows and customized climate control so you can drive like a freakin’ Rockefeller. [Gothamist]

Web TV

TV Streaming Service Includes Coffee So You’ll Finally Stay Awake Through ‘Mad Men’

Yeah, pourquoi? (Screengrab:

With the holidays in full swing, chances are you’re looking forward to some time off at the end of this month. And thanks to Netflix, you don’t have to leave the house and fraternize with your hometown frenemies.

Instead, why not stare at a screen for 12 hours while your mom brings you bowl after bowl of hot popcorn and leftovers? It’s the millennial way!

But sometimes all that sitting still can get tiring–it’s pretty similar to sleeping, after all. To combat this, one French TV streaming service, Canalplay, is now including promo codes for free artisanal coffee beans with a two-month free trial, PSFK reports. Read More


Booting Up: Jeopardy Decides How We Should Pronounce GIF

It's pronounced "Bone EE-vair." (Photo: Twitter)

In what is a huge get for Snapchat, the app has poached Emily White from Instagram as its COO. She was in charge of luring advertisers to the Facebook-owned company and is expected to assume a similar role. [AllThingsD]

The machines will rise, in the eyes of Google at least. It has installed Android software inventor Andy Rubin to lead the company’s robotics creations. [NYT]

Tumblr is reportedly having trouble attracting advertising money because it’s just too complicated for brands. [Digiday]

Instead of releasing all of its new kids program all at once, Netflix said that it’s going to debut Turbo Fast in “pods” because all of the episodes aren’t yet completed. [Wired]

Jeopardy engaged in the GIF pronunciation debate and we all lost. [Daily Dot]