Booting Up: Don’t Bother With Facebook’s Hashtags Since They Have “Zero Viral Impact”

Here she is! (Photo: Gizmodo/Lego)

“Nestl√© will produce over 50 million of those aforementioned Kit Kat bars with the Android mascot on them” is the world we live in. [TechCrunch]

Kim Dotcom has left Mega, the infamous file sharing service, to focus on his political aspirations and an extradition case he’s embroiled in. [ZDNet]

Uber is staffing up its executive ranks with a bunch of hires from Google, Facebook, and even…Klout. [Forbes]

Welp, literally nobody is using Facebook’s hashtags. [CNet]

It’s 2013, and we finally have our first female Lego scientist. Cheers to Prof. Bodin for busting through the easily breakable brick ceiling! [Gizmodo]