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Meet Beaker, a Minimum Viable Magazine for Entrepreneurs from Amrit Richmond

Ms. Richmond.

You may remember Amrit Richmond from when she won the web’s heart with the instant viral hit Nerd Valentine. Or perhaps you’re familiar with The Internet Wishlist, another project of hers, or maybe through her work at GOOD or TechStars, or through her creative consultancy Magenta Labs. Or maybe you’re just meeting her now, as she launches Beaker Magazine, a web-based business and culture site for “the idea generation.” It’s motivational service journalism for entrepreneurs presented in a pretty, minimal format.

Ms. Richmond started building Beaker back in November. The site launched last week with stories like “How to Pitch Irrational Investors,” written by Penny Black’s Justin Wohlstadter, and “What Startups and Restaurants Have in Common.” Beaker will feature stories about early-stage operations, startup culture and tech trends from around the world, she told Betabeat, as a companion publication for founders as they go from an idea to a startup.

We already know there is a market for this. Such uplifting stories are usually found on the blogs of VCs or entrepreneurs or, occasionally, buried in the pages of TechCrunch and Mashable. (Trending on Hacker News today: “Peak Age for Entrepreneurship: who cares,” written by a San Francisco entrepreneur and “How Not To Sell Software In 2012,” written by Simple’s Alex Payne.) And Beaker already has advertisers. Read More