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Zelda Figurines and Star Trek Skeletons: This Is What a Nerd Block Box Looks Like

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We’ve written before about Nerd Block, the subscription service that lets nerds around the world sign up to receive monthly boxes of ‘epic geek gear.’ The boxes, which cost $19.99 per month, each contain a nerd-themed T-shirt, as well as five to six delightfully dorky items from brands like Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. 

This month, Nerd Block sent us a box of our own, so we could experience first-hand how truly liberating it is to not have to go out and track down our own Star Wars shirts. Read More

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News Flash: Tech Is Not Just For Scrawny Male Virgins Anymore

Who you callin nerd (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

There’s a new trend in tech, and it’s got nothing to do with Google Glass or nepotism. It’s called being hot, and it might just sweep the nation.

“Picture a technology whiz kid,” Callum Borchers implores in his trend piece about non geeky tech guys from yesterday’s Boston Globe. He guesses you’re picturing someone with “an unhealthy pallor, sloppy looks, and a body misshaped by diet of pizza and Red Bull,” which, to be fair, describes a vast cross section of the male millennial population, not just the coders.

But one millennial tech guy, Andrew Bachman, isn’t like that. A veritable “buff specimen,” he is “more jock than geek,” he has a “sculpted torso,” and he “seems to be always working out, even squeezing in a set of pushups at his desk”–casually, we hope, during his interview with the GlobeRead More


ESPN to Developers: ‘You Are Still Scrawny Twerps Who Us Jocks Will Still Stuff Into Lockers’

ESPN to Developers You Are Still Scrawny Little Shits

Hey Developers: Here’s some encouragement from those whose products you work extraordinarily hard to build out and bring into the modern era. Just some fun, words of encouragement to start your week off. Or as GroupMe worker bee Matt Langer noted: “Seriously? Fuck you, ESPN.”

Yes, here is how ESPN plans on attracting the best developing talent in the world to their company and their API: Read More