Gift Guide: The Best Books to Buy for the Technologist in Your Life

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Tubes, Andrew Blum

They make great presents, but books are deceptively difficult to give: You don’t want to buy some random bestseller off the front table at Barnes and Noble, but wander very far into the store and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. To lend a hand, we’ve combed through this year’s techie-targeted releases (and tossed in a couple of old favorites, as well). Read More


SciFi Scribe Neal Stephenson Launches a Videogame Kickstarter: Swordplay, Ur Doing It Wrong

Mr. Stephenson, Neal Stephenson. (Photo: Kickstarter)

Over the weekend, best-selling scifi writer Neal Stephenson launched his own Kickstarter called CLANG. They say every great business idea solves a problem. In this case, it’s unrealistic swordplay in video games–an issue, we imagine, that’s close to the heart of a whole legion of LARPers.

The project, which is being run by Mr. Stephenson’s media franchise company Subutai, quickly raised $160,000 towards its goal of $500,000. The early hype comes courtesy Mr. Stephenson’s popularity (some of his early editions sell for “precious-metal asking prices“) and the project’s amusing video, featuring the writer in formal robes yelling at gamers for their unworthy consoles. There’s also a cameo from the meme-tastic Gabe Newell, the outspoken founder of the video game corporation Valve. Read More