This Twitter-Comcast Partnership Will Make It Impossible to Avoid the ‘Real Housewives’

"See It" in action. (Photo: Comcast)

It’s going to become even more difficult to escape Carson Daly: Twitter is teaming up with Comcast to stream and record shows from the cable company’s stable of networks straight on to the social network’s app.

Starting in November, tweets that originate from networks like E!, NBC, USA and, thank god, Bravo, will have a “See It” button at the bottom, allowing Comcast subscribers to watch those shows on their computer and mobile devices. So, those of us stuck with Time Warner or Optimum won’t be able to use those features, but the New York Times reports Twitter is working with other cable distributors. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

NBC’s Website Was Hacked and Defaced Just Before Guy Fawkes Night

NBC hacked

Earlier today, NBC’s website was hacked. The site returned to normal for a few minutes, but now even the homepage is having problems. This afternoon, users who clicked on the “Shows” or “Full Episodes” tab were shown a black page with glowing lights, loud music, and references to Guy Fawkes Night, which is celebrated on November 5th.  NBC’s mobile landing site, Saturday Night Live page, 30 Rock clips, and NBC Sports Rotoworld were also hacked.

Despite the Fawkes reference, Anonymous has not yet taken credit for the hack. A message on the site said “Hacked by pyknic.” It’s also unclear why NBC was a target. Not a Louis C.K. fan, perhaps? Read More

Digital Rites

The Music Industry’s Latest Victim: SNL’s Pandora Sketch

Bruno Mars Pandora

If you went to Hulu or this morning to catch up on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live–the highest-rated episode of the season–you could find Bruno Mars as a sad mouse mascot, Bruno Mars as a 17-year-old dropout in drag, Bruno Mars doing a monologue, and even Bruno Mars singing his own songs. The one clip you couldn’t find is Bruno Mars playing a very versatile Pandora intern–one of the better-rated sketches from the evening.

“The very, very obvious culprit here are music licenses, which are almost always the culprit behind missing SNL sketches,” reports AllThingsDRead More


Booting Up: There’s No Such Thing as a Gmail Killer Edition

(Photo: Network World)

Microsoft Outlook now operates in-browser and is apparently a legitimate Gmail competitor? No flipping desks for Steve Ballmer today. [Wired]

Things are not looking good in iPad mag land. The Daily has laid off a 1/3rd of its staff. [AllThingsD]

Kevin Rose did an AMA, just in time for the release of the new Digg. It got less than 1,000 upvotes and apparently he didn’t actually answer any questions. [Reddit]

Two online poker sites are paying millions in damages following fraud and money laundering charges. Guess the government called their bluff. [New York Times]

Times Square will broadcast the Mars landing on one of those gigantic screens. The space geek in us is currently fighting with the person in us who fucking hates Times Square. [NASA]

UBS lost $356 million in the Facebook IPO. Yikes. [The New York Times]

The Olympics

NBC Sports Says Twitter Narced on Journalist’s Anti-Olympic Tweets [UPDATED]

"Big Ben"? Get it? (Photo:

This Olympics flap just got a little more embarrassing for Twitter.

For those just tuning in: Yesterday, after tweeting numerous complaints about the quality of NBC’s coverage of the London Olympics, journalist Guy Adams was suspended from Twitter. The official reason given? Mr. Adams had revealed the email of an NBC exec and that it was a terms of service violation to publish “the private and confidential information of others.” So once NBC complained, Twitter suspended his account.

That narrative looked a little suspect in light of the big, splashy partnership Twitter and NBC formed to integrate 140-character updates into the media monolith’s broadcasts from London.

But a new twist reflects poorly on Twitter. The Telegraph reports that, in an email, Read More


Booting Up: RIP Edition

(Photo: Apps Blogger)

The New York Times got several anonymous sources to confirm that Apple is building an iPad with a 7.85-inch screen: slightly too big for pants pockets, but just the right size for a woman’s purse. [New York Times]

Meet Neustar, a Delaware-based company to which over 400 telecom companies route law enforcement surveillance requests. Not creepy at all! [Buzzfeed]

A University of Pennsylvania professor did some statistical analysis of Kickstarter’s failed projects. [AppsBlogger]

Soon, the Machines will be making our plane parts for us. [Wall Street Journal]

Comcast has bought out Microsoft’s stake in NBC, and MSNBC’s URL has been changed to This is supposed to “end brand confusion,” but we’re still completely puzzled. [New York Times]

Lego my LEGOs

Professional Nerd Uses Scam to Buy More LEGOs

The "Computer Programmer" lego minifigure. (

It’s not always sunny in Legoland, guys. NBC Bay Area reports that Thomas Langenbach, a VP at ERP software company SAP Labs in Palo Alto, has been arrested for stealing LEGOs. Mr. Langenbach, who likes to go by “Lord LEGOs” (okay, not really), used his computer expertise to create new bar codes, which he stuck overtop of regular Target bar codes in order to purchase LEGOs at reduced prices. Read More