Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable for Some; Hardcore BTCers Keep the Faith


Is mining Bitcoin still profitable at current prices? By some calculations, no. Energy costs per kWh vary widely state-by-state, from $.07 in North Dakota to $.17 in New York, and hobbyists mining at home may find the numbers discouraging. Yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin was trading at $2.23 when Betabeat checked in with Alex Spitzer, a developer for the New York-based recommendation engine Hunch, who has been mining for about a year and a half in Massachusetts, where the price is $.14 per kWh. He estimated that he mines about .35 BTC a day–so if the price stayed the same, it would take him more than 1,000 days to be profitable. If he didn’t have free power at a buddy’s office, that is. Read More

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Despite Cyberattacks and Overspeculation, Bitcoin Economy Continues to Evolve

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Bitcoin has been trading at the depressed price of between $6 and $7 USD for the past few weeks, which seems bad for the once high-flying digital currency that had climbed to $33 USD at one point. Hardly a week has gone by without some extreme crisis. In addition, New Yorker finance columnist James Surowiecki, wrote a long treatment of Bitcoin for the MIT Technology Review in which he notes pessimistically that “the number of actual transactions conducted in bitcoins, and the value of those transactions, has been shrinking.” Read More