Survey Says

Girl on Girl Crime: A Quarter of Women Surveyed Posted That Ugly Facebook Pic of You On Purpose

"The clicks are coming from inside your social network!" (Photo: Know Your Meme)

Ladies, we need to talk. A survey (with an admittedly small pool of participants) published today confirms many of our worst fears: There’s a 25 percent chance your bestie posted that pic of your heinous drunk face deliberately. The nerve!

The survey of 1,500 women ages 18+, published by photo gift service MyMemory, determined that, “The majority of women posting the photos said they did so after falling out with their friends, while nearly a third said they were taking revenge on people who had done the same to them,” according to¬†The Telegraph.

Presumably the majority of those women had also called someone “a gap-toothed bitch” at one point in time (it’s not their fault they’re so gap-toothed).

Enough mean girling! Let’s all agree to respect the detag/takedown request, shall we?