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Steve Aoki Will Hold a Three Week AMA To Help Japanese Fans Understand His Songs


Western music is popular all over the world, but language barriers can make it difficult for foreign fans to lose themselves in the songs and shows.

To unite fans from the East and artists from the West, DJ and Producer Steve Aoki is endorsing AsQme, an AMA-style site where Japanese fans can ask Western artists questions to help them better understand their music. The Japanese-American electro house musician will host the site’s first AMA, which will start on October seventh and run for a staggering three weeks. Read More

XXX in Tech

Sure Why Not: Pornhub Just Launched a Record Label

Coolio debuted a music video on Pornhub earlier this year. (Facebook)

Pornhub may be a prime source for fap material (ugh, sorry), but they’re also capable of so much more. They plant trees! They make clever FIFA World Cup commentary! And now, they also produce records, apparently.

The porn site has officially launched its own record label, Pornhub Records, Billboard reported yesterday. The announcement may seem totally bizarre, but this isn’t Pornhub’s first dabbling in the music industry; artists Coolio, FaltyDL, and Xiu Xiu all used the site to premiere music videos within the past year. Read More

The Future Will See You Now

‘Clubcast’ Live Streams DJs’ Sets, If Dancing At Screens Is Your Thing

With Clubcast, DJs can broadcast their sets live from thousands of miles away. (Mixify)

Imagine going to a club to see a DJ perform live — from 5,000 miles away.

Mixify, the online platform that lets you live stream DJs’ EDM tracks, has just introduced Clubcast, a service that lets venues live stream an HD video feed of a DJ’s set directly into their premises. Clubcast works two-ways, meaning not only can club-goers see the DJ, but the DJ can also see his or her audience and gauge their reactions to the music.  Read More