Crime and Punishment

Murder Conviction Might be Overturned Because Thirsty Juror Hit on Witness via Facebook

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Every once in a while a message on Facebook is actually useful, and this is one of those times. A Tennessee Supreme Court said that a message delivered on the social networking site between a juror and a witness could overturn a murder conviction and a life sentence.

The 2010 murder case of suspect William Darelle Smith was sent to a lower court Tuesday because the content of the message wasn’t revealed during a pretrial hearing and it potentially could’ve affected the outcome of the trial. The juror sent a message to the assistant medical examiner heaping praise on her testimony and inquiring if she saw him in the juror stand. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Aspiring Rapper Shoots Friend Because He Thought He Had to Make a Human Sacrifice to Join the Illuminati

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What does it take to join the Illuminati, a secret society of power players that Internet conspiracy theorists believe are looking to take over the world?

Being super rich and famous helps–just look at Queen Beyonce, who supposedly flashed the Illuminati sign (a triangle) during her Super Bowl halftime performance. Other rumored illuminati members are Bey’s hubby Jay-Z and their child Blue Ivy, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Adele. It’s an elite crew primarily comprised of music legends, so it’s no surprise that many aspiring musicians wish to ascend the Illuminati ranks. It’s highly discouraged, however, to shoot someone in order to do so. Read More

Things About Which We Are Unsure

We’ve Got One Year Before The Internet Kills Us All


Firms specializing in technology security make it their business to scare potential customers, but that doesn’t make an Internet Identity (IID) report predicting cyber doom in 2014, highlighted today by Ray Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence, any less spooky.

According to IID, looming cybersecurity threats in 2013–more mobile malware, increasingly aggressive hacktivism, attacks on the cloud–are “well-anticipated and mundane.”

Those “mundane” threats are nothing next to the bleak wasteland of death and destruction IID expects in 2014: Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee’s Latest, Greatest Disguise Involves Tampons Up His Nose

This guy, but with shoe polish on his face. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Just when you thought the story of antivirus king John McAfee–who’s wanted for questioning by Belizean police for the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull–couldn’t get any stranger, dude goes and starts a blog about how he’s managed to evade police by posing as a dolphin carving peddler who sticks tampons up his nose.

In a blog called Who is McAfee?, which suspiciously resembles a marketing ploy for the upcoming graphic novel about his life The Hinterland, Mr. McAfee spares no details in describing exactly what it’s like to be on the run from authorities in Central America. Read More

Law and Order

Murder Suspect and Bath Salts Enthusiast John McAfee Claims He’s Innocent

Alive. (Photo: PC Mag)

John McAfee, creator of the anti-virus software your parents run on their desktop computer, is wanted by Belizean police for the alleged murder of his neighbor, fellow American expat Gregory Faull. Now he’s on the lam, hiding from law enforcement who he claims will kill him if he’s brought in for questioning. Perhaps his paranoia can be chalked up to his documented penchant for bath salts and other psychoactive drugs? Read More

So That Happened

The Police Want to Talk to John McAfee About a Murder, Pronto


The long, strange trip that is John McAfee’s life has taken yet another unfortunate turn. Gizmodo reports that the colorful founder of the namesake antivirus company is now wanted for questioning in connection with a murder in Belize. Anyone who’s ever seen an episode of any legal drama knows that doesn’t bode well.

Suddenly, we’re a lot less nostalgic for the Valley’s countercultural days of yore. Read More

Reality Check

Quora Asks What Murder Feels Like; San Quentin Inmates Oblige

Brian Wong and Friends (Photo:

Quora is the site where headsdown homebodies ask other sheltered types questions like, “What are some things I’d be shocked to learn about the outside world?” But now that Quora is over three years old, it seems as if they’re finally going into the real heavy stuff.

A question posed under the topic “Murder,” asked, “What does it feel like to murder someone?” Some inmates from San Quentin State Prison opened themselves up, providing deeply personal answers that offered up something rare on Quora: a glimpse of life far, far away from the tech bubble. Read More

No Witnesses

Trend Alert! Skype Murders

The BBC is reporting on a new disturbing trend: murder and other horrific acts committed while someone else was watching on Skype. “It is not surprising that crimes are witnessed on Skype, given the number of registered users—560 million*—and the amount of time they spend using it,” reports the BBC. We… guess not?

*According to a 2010 IPO filing.