First Person Plural

Me and You and Everyone We Know: The Many (Many, Many) Faces of Internet Multiples

Mia. (Photo:

In a bustling Starbucks at the Stamford Town Center in picturesque Connecticut, a tall woman swaddled in a gray sweater and an ankle-length skirt appeared in the doorway. Her chestnut hair was pulled back, exposing moon-pale skin and saucer eyes. Nervously, she scanned the room before I waved her over. She introduced herself: “Hi, I’m Lillian.”

Lillian did not come to the Starbucks alone. Although to be fair, she’s never really alone. Along with Mia, Rebecca, Julie, Pastel, Jennifer, Katelynn, Luna and “17,” she is part of the JC Klatch, a system of individuals (don’t call them personalities) who have lived together inside the same physical body for as long as they can remember. Read More