Survey Says

One in Four Millennials Has Admitted to Sexting, Lots More Are Lying

Sext. (Photo: Hashgram)

Millennials are so lazy that they can’t even be bothered to sext anymore. According to a new study from MTV, fewer people in 14-to-24 age group are receiving explicit pictures compared to a few years ago. Of the 1,300 polled, 26 percent of them admitting to being involved in a form of sexting — a six percent drop since 2011. We’re guessing Snapchat had a little to do with that. Read More


Filmmakers Will Once Again Use the Magical Powers of Reverse Image Search to Break People’s Hearts on Catfish

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 4.15.42 PM

Think twice before you sext that dude you’re in love with on OkCupid; he might, you know, not actually exist.

That’s the premise, at least, for MTV’s hit documentary series Catfish, which swims into its second season tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Based on the 2010 film Catfish—wherein one of the Catfish cohosts learns his 20-something Read More

Reality Bytes

Online Series @SummerBreak is ‘Laguna Beach’ Told Through Twitter

World, meet Trevis. Trevis, world. (Screengrab: Instagram)

Just in case “Laguna Beach” didn’t GO THERE enough to satisfy you, Hollywood producer Peter Chernin has created a reality show that you can follow through the Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts of nine teens.

That’s 27 accounts. Seems excessive, but when we were teens, 27 official platforms dedicated to “Laguna” or “The O.C.” would have induced tears of joy. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries’s New Song Has a Hashtag In the Title, Naturally


Recording artist, as you may know, is something of a self-styled technologist. Besides holding down a sweet gig as Intel’s director of “creative innovation,” he pops up in pro-coding propaganda and once featured a Makerbot in one of his videos, because why not. Now he’s further demonstrating his devotion to technology in the title of his latest track: “#thatpower,” released todayRead More

We're Going to be TV Stars

Calling All People With Weird Internet Friends: You Can Now Apply to Be on Season 2 of Catfish

(Photo: Twitter)

Catfish, we’d argue, is actually one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s not as highbrow as Homeland and it’s probably largely staged, but MTV’s attempt to turn the award-winning documentary into a reality TV show series has never once disappointed us in the OMGWTF department.

The show, which arranges for people with longtime Internet relationships to finally meet face to face, inevitably revealing the complex nest of lies they’ve told each other, is entertainment in the purest sense: Viewers can’t help but watch with a sense of horror and fascination as people humiliate themselves–and then are redeemed!–right on the screen. Read More

XXX in Tech

Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore Claims He’s Getting His Own TV Show

Mr. Moore (Photo: Showclix)

Hunter Moore, the web’s vilest revenge porn entrepreneur, announced on Twitter early this morning that a television show he has been working on has been picked up. Mr. Moore is notorious for running the revenge porn hub Is Anyone Up, where scorned people submit racy pictures of their exes without their permission. The site was shut down last year, but Mr. Moore has been planning to launch another site, HunterMoore.TV, for the last few months. Read More

Missed Connections

Have You Been Lying to Your Internet Girlfriend? MTV Wants You

Calling all catfish.

“Has someone fallen for your online alter-ego?” MTV is casting for a reality show in the vein of the possibly fake hit documentary Catfish, in which a young filmmaker falls in love with his dream girl, Megan, on Facebook, only to find he was talking to the woman Megan had said was her mother. MTV is producing the show with the producers of Catfish, including the duped Nev Schulman, and RelativityREAL. Read More