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Oncoming Train Crushes Woman Trying to Rescue Her iPad

Let it go. (Flickr)

An East Harlem woman’s failed attempt to grab her iPad should serve as the ultimate reminder to never ever try to never rescue a fallen object — no matter how pricey it might be.

The New York Post reports that Aracelis Ayuso died Saturday afternoon after her Apple device fell onto the tracks at the Union Square station and she was squashed by an oncoming Brooklyn-bound 4 train. Read More


The Comedy of Error Messages: Wi-fi in the Subway

Delays owing to signal failure (Flickr)

During a recent morning rush on the subway, something new happened.

At about quarter to nine on a jam-packed D train, as the doors opened at Rockefeller Center, my cell phone rang.

I was mortified.

First, I didn’t even know it was possible for phones to ring in the subway. Second, it seemed like the height of bad manners to be getting a call in such a crowded space. Read More

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Google Maps Eliminating Phantom Subway Stop

The mysterious and non-existent "N Street Cut."

Google will eliminate a phantom subway stop that found its way onto the company’s ubiquitous mapping site, after a Politicker inquiry on the subject.

The current version of the map claims the N train makes a stop just after crossing the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Long Island City. According to the map, the “11th Street Cut” is the N train’s first stop in Queens after crossing over from the east side of Manhattan. Its iconic blue “M” puts it several blocks west of the Queensboro Plaza 7/N/Q stop and a block south of the Queensbridge F stop, not far from the neighborhood’s waterfront. Read More

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Startup Rundown: Citymapper App Wins Big MTA Prize and Jackthreads and RebelMouse Apps Are Now On Android

Jolly good show, old sport!  (Photo: Citymapper)

Citymapper crosses the Atlantic Yesterday AT&T and the MTA announced London-based Citymapper as the winners of this year’s App Quest competition, awarding them the grand prize of $20,000 and an extra $2000 for being the “Wish List App.” Citymapper integrates real-time tracking data across all of New York City’s various transportation methods, including subways, busses, and Citibikes. It also tells users how many calories they’ll burn on their trip, so they can decide whether or not to grab a slice on the way. Read More

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Snooze on the Train Without Missing Your Stop With This Handy New App

zzzzz (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

We’re still waiting patiently for the long-awaited advent of the Second Avenue subway, an infrastructural punchline since semiconductors were a hot new thing.

But in the meantime, at least we’ve got our smartphones to arrest our sneaky hate spirals. There’s four days left to vote on the entries in the MTA’s AT&T-backed App Quest contest, and the 49 candidates are almost enough to make you forget about all the time you’ve ever spent waiting for the G train.

Almost. Read More


Stalk Your Favorite Subway Buskers With the Winner of the MTA’s Transit Hackathon

Soon. (Photo:

Your smartphone is useful for more than Bejeweled now that there’s Wifi in many stations, and the MTA is trying to use that connectivity to make your commute better. (Just don’t ask when your train is getting a countdown clock.)

This weekend, techies gathered in Brooklyn at NYU Poly’s MetroTech Center campus for the first official, MTA-approved transit hackathon. Participants threw together a total of 17 submissions judged by authorities like Rachel Haot, General Assembly cofounder Matt Brimer and AT&T New York president Marissa Shorenstein. Read More

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MTA Debuts Cell and Wifi Service at 30 Stations to Distract You From Late Trains

~Waiting on the world to change. (Photo: Flickr)

Now social media editors can finally afford to leave their desks and shower. The MTA is announcing later today that it’s rolling out cell and Wifi service to 30 additional subway stops, including Times Square, Columbus Circle, and Rockefeller Center. Prior to today, the only stations that offered the free service included the C & E platform at 23rd Street, two stops on the L line, and several platforms at the 14th Street station. Read More