For the Love of God Think of the Interns

We Are Worried About LinkedIn’s Interns

Oh boy.

Ritual humiliation of the interns (by themselves or others) is pretty much a summer tradition at many offices across the country. But it seems that LinkedIn has taken the form to new heights.

Not only is there a four-year-running tradition of interns “disrupting” the regular company all-hands for “a surprise flash mob performance,” but this caper is then filmed and uploaded to YouTube, where it can live forever to be mocked by the dregs of the Internet (a.k.a. YouTube commenters). This year’s installment opens with the Dublin office, which made some poor Russian kid sing “Galway Girl,” which seems awfully on-the-nose, right? Read More

Planet GOOG

Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Are Under Attack From Toxic Vapors!

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Google’s Mountain View campus is home to a beach volleyball court, a bowling alley, a climbing wall, seven fitness centers, “more than 100 micro-kitchens” and, it seems, toxic vapors.

CBS says readings of TCE, or trichloroethylene vapors, as high as eight micrograms per cubic meter were found in Google buildings. Not to get too Erin Brokovich on you, but the normal range is five per cubic meter. Read More


The Googleplex is Swarming With Zombified Honeybees

(Photo: Funny or Die)

The perks of being a Google engineer have long been touted as the best in the biz. Spoiled engineers can enjoy a gourmet meal following a mid-afternoon dip in the wave pool before being shuttled home in wifi-equipped private buses.

But what of the pitfalls of working at the tech behemoth? Aside from weeding through necrophilic YouTube videos, turns out toiling away at the Googleplex has another major downfall: THE BEES!!!

Scientific American reports that the Googleplex in Mountain View is full of honeybee hives, some of which have been infected by a parasite that turns the bees into zombies. Read More